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Christian Brignone

CEO and General Manager

 CoFounder & Owner

I graduated in electronic engineering with almost 20 years of experience in railway sector and Engineering Management. I  started as Vehicle Control Engineer, passing through Engineering and Project management roles. Now I’m CEO of BPS Deployment, uploading the future…   

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Fabio Paroldi

Executive Engineering and business development Manager


I graduated in computer engineering with more than 10 years of experience in the railway and networking industry.

I began as a software developer and grew up as a team leader and project leader.

Now I'm Business Manager and Executive Eng at BPS.

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Maurizio Soteri

Executive Engineering and Project Manager


I graduated in computer science engineering, working in railway sector from 2009.

SIL0 and SIL2 software designer, I am working on TCMS as architect, train communication expert and software PE.

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Meet the Team
who we are

Marco Latini

Functional Manager - Requirement Management and Sw Development


I graduated in engineering with ten years of experience in the railways and I have grown different skills (testing, requirement management, software automation) covering several roles from vehicle tester and requirements manager to software developer of the vehicle control logic (TCMS), using IEC 61131 standard (PLC programming).

I have found with other qualified colleagues a brand new company with the mission to delivery high quality engineer services.

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Federico Lombardi

Functional Manager - V&V and Sw Homologation


I graduated in Aerospace Engineering with a history of working in the railways and aerospace industry.
After 4 years as System Engineer in aerospace company, I moved in railway first as Requirement Manager in TCMS team and then gathering experience and competences for TCMS Verification, Validation and Quality Assurance processes.

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Matteo Marcello

Validation Engineer

I have been working as validation engineer in BPS since the 2022. Core skills in testing planning and execution in laboratory and vehicle testing.

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